Exam Goodie Bag AY2013-2014 Semester 1 Sponsors

MSE Club would like to thank our sponsors

for sponsoring

MSE Club

"Exam Goodie Bag Academic Year 2013 - 2014 Semester 1"


NTUSU sponsored us by providing lecture pads for the students to be used while preparing for exams.

Swensens has given the students their delicious Ice Cream Product and voucher to motivate them study for exams

Nescafe also has contributed in giving instant coffee and fresh coffee in the day of distributing, helped the students to keep awake.

Other than that, Take 5ive has helped the students through their energy drink to keep the students focus while studying.

Moreover, Impact Mint provided the students Mint candy to accompany their studies.

Lollytalk also gave students sweet candies in the Goodie bag. 

Lakerol also contributed by giving its product to the students.

Then for snack, Jack'nJill has given the students its own multigrain snack.

YIT HONG PTE LTD has provided MSE Students delicious teatree mushrooms.

Clearvision provide us booklet of information regarding eye care 


Without Our sponsors, our students' Exam Goodie Bag will not be satisfying